Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Burmese Monks to Fast for Starving Cyclone Victims

Ask United Nations to Take Action to Save 2 Million People

Thursday & Friday May 15 & 16
Ralph Bunch Park, across from UN
43rd St. and 1st Ave. New York City

Join the Fast
Join the Prayers and Meditation
Support the Monks and the People of Burma

Thursday, May 15 3-7pm
Friday, May 16 9am-6pm

Supporters are invited to join the monks as they fast with alarm and grief for their country. Please come and support this courageous, peaceful action. They petition the United Nations to take action immediately in Burma before more people die of starvation through willful government neglect.

If you want to join the fast, you are very welcome!!! The monks will eat their last meal Thursday morning and then will break the fast Saturday morning. If you wish to fast for any of that time, or part of that time, please do. Please wear white if you are fasting so that you can be identified. All are welcome to come and meditate and pray with the monks. The more the better, and the stronger the message will be.

These days of fasting, meditation, and prayers is sponsored by the International Burmese Monks Organization, (
International Burmese Monks Organization, IBMO 84-32 Apt. #2A Grand Ave Elmhurst, NY 11373
Phone & Fax: (718) 426-3959 -- Email: --

Please call Moe Chan at 718-396-1464 or Ashin Nyaka at 347-665-5323 for more information.